Wind Energy – A runaway failure for nearly 4 decades Part 3 of 3

An even faster growing energy gap

The green energy fantasy of using wind turbines to power the future truly is a fantasy and this delusion becomes even more impossible when considering all of society’s other energy sectors.

When looking at the published California Energy Commission (CEC) information below, these are the total energy consumption figures for CA that include electricity, fuel coal and natural gas. It tells the public very little but with some added background information, it also happens to be one the most revealing statements you will ever find about the futility wind energy. This is because when looking at total energy, the energy used every day in our lives, wind energy only supplies a minscule amount of these total energy numbers.                                                                                                                                                                           


Total energy usage from fuel, natural gas or electricity is typically quantified using the British thermal  unit  (Btu),  or million Btu.  In California, this per capita consumption is rated at about 217 million Btu per person for all energy sectors and transportation is by far, the largest form of energy of consumption. Several years ago, the US per capita total energy consumption average was rated at 313 Million Btu. 

When per capita million Btu numbers are converted to MWh, this works out to 63 MWh for every person in California. One must also one take into consideration that no form of electricity will propel a jet to Paris and space heating for buildings is far more inefficient and costly when using electricity.                                                                 

With reported wind energy numbers being compared with total energy consumption in Million Btu for all sectors, wind turbines provided about 12,000 GWh of electricity or 1/207 of this state’s energy total consumption in 2015.  But the real numbers are higher not only for of the reasons stated earlier but because there are other substantial energy sectors not being accounted for in CA, one of them is the energy consumed by  the Defense Department in CA.

It is my opinion, with defense energy quantified, getting accurate net wind energy production numbers and all electrical energy losses accounted for before reaching end users, the real contribution from California’s wind turbines, is probably more like than 1/300 of the total energy consumed by this state.

From the AWEA in 2016 ......... “Today wind generates enough electricity to power 20 million homes.” Grandiose statements like this are being used to sell these projects to America. But this is really not a true statement.

First you have to accept the wind industry's embellished wind energy numbers, which are not accurate especially since reported energy is not verifiable and transmission losses are not accurately accounted for.  But if one does happen to accept these figures, then this statement is slightly true because these are primarily light bulb numbers.  The truth is that most of the energy being consumed or used to power homes in the US, is provided by other energy sources.                                                                


If an entire household were being powered only by electricity with no natural gas, wood  etc., the total reported wind energy numbers could probably power about 5-7 million US homes depending on their location. In a place like North Dakota, MA or Michigan, heating energy consumption jumps tremendously and electricity only provides about 25% of total household energy consumption.                                                                   


Wind energy and climate

Unfortunately, the public perception is that that wind energy will one day supply our grid with clean energy and that it will help the world stabilize climate change or even fix it.  It is all complete nonsense, and when presented with real numbers it is easy to see that wind energy is really a grossly obese loser. If wind energy production were a foot race on a track, this form of energy has been getting lapped over and over again by all the other primary energy sources making electricity for the grid.                                      

Take a look the at the table below showing total US electricity consumption numbers from 1990 and 2015.   Reported Wind energy production even with the industry’s embellished production numbers, are getting creamed by increasing consumer demand and consumption. Consumption is growing at a rate at least 5.6 times faster and this growing disparity will never stop.                                                                       

So I ask everyone waving the climate flag while peddling wind turbines, at what point in the future will wind turbines help stabilize or even fix climate?   Of course I know it will never happen for many reasons, but let’s just pretend wind turbines can help. Let’s say this positive impact on climate will happen at a level where wind turbines provide 25% of this country’s electricity consumption.                   

 In the 25-year span 1990-2015 shown above, wind energy has reportedly grown from producing 2190 GWh to producing 190,719 GWh.  At this rate of wind energy growth, even if there were no annual increase in this country’s consumer consumption from the 2015 level of 4,077,601 GWh, it would take another 134 years to reach a grid production level of 25%.                                     

If anyone thinks wind energy will help fix climate when reaching a 25% production level with all energy consumption sectors included, then still with no energy consumption growth, in about another 2000 years we can have a big party for this reaching this accomplishment.                                                                                                                                                                       

When accounting for increases in energy consumption, even reaching a modest level of 25% wind energy electricity production becomes impossible. Wind energy really is a dead end.

But I have more bad news; there isn’t enough good wind or enough room for all this industrial mess. Not only will wind energy never catch up, these turbines and their endless transmission lines, will devour our landscapes, until there is no more room. We can keep building more, but there are really no good reasons for doing so.

With fraud, these turbines will save the world and feed the wealthy.  Without fraud, it becomes clear that wind energy is futile and a waste of our resources.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               A funny thing about all this is that wind projects are supposed to be valuable.  These projects sell to insiders for about 2 million per MW of installed nameplate capacity.  The industry has 75,000 MWs of these spinning losers, making the energy costs to society per GWh , astronomical when compared to the primary energy producers for society.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      In an amazing contrast of value, clean coal plants and natural gas plants that receive no tax credits or fake carbon credits have far less value for investors. These are the power plants that are producing the bulk of the energy for society.  These are also the power plants that bring energy to wind projects and compensate wind energy production for all its intermittent load losses. Yet these far more valuable power plants are valued at a fraction of the cost per MW.                                                                                                     

In September of 2016, four such power plants with a nameplate capacity of approximately 5,200 megawatts (MW) sold for $2.17 billion.  About 1/8 the price per MW of wind energy.  The reason for this artificially inflated value for wind energy, is due to a corrupt Congress rewarding this industry and this country’s rigged Renewable Portfolio Standards.                                                                                                                                                                      

As readers grasp the information presented here, they should understand they are being royally fleeced and your precious tax dollars are being wasted on wind turbines that have no “greater good for society.  As for any of the climate change arguments supporting the wind turbine installations, the facts here prove that wind energy production is so completely insignificant, that when dealing with any climate issues, wind turbines have no benefit. These climate fixing arguments are not only impossible, it is fraud to make such claims. 

Our President Obama believes that climate change is the greatest threat facing mankind. I happen to believe the corruption of man is our greatest threat. An objective look at this ongoing wind energy scam is enough proof to support my beliefs. But if you do believe that man-made climate change is our greatest enemy and the greatest threat facing mankind, then consider what took place with another great enemy from our past.                                                                                                                                                  

During World War II, America was attacked and was facing a massive threat. In response, Americans united, they quickly mobilized and made sacrifices.  This war effort built modern ships, modern weapons, and a fleet war planes so our military could face the enemy with our best possible efforts.  America did not mobilize against this enemy using fraudulent research and then use whore leaders to provide our military with an archaic fleet of canoes well equipped with clubs and spears.  Yet in terms of creating massive amounts of energy, this is how utterly stupid and absurd wind turbine energy really is.                                                                           

America has plans to rebuild its infrastructure and economy. This will never happen with leaders supporting this investment mafia of elitist freeloaders with no accountability.  It is long overdue that America slammed the door on this tax robbing industry.

Wind energy is a fraud on America and fraud based solutions feeding greedy investors, will never solve this world's problems.  In a truly free market, businesses do fail and NFL coaches get the fired  for not producing.  But not with these clowns. Our leaders continue to let these economic parasites hang around and reward them for their destruction to this country. 

If you are part of this wind turbine fraud, it is now legal to kill thousands of bald eagles a year. Last year it was probably legal to kill one. But even so this bald eagle carnage from turbines was still taking place as it had been for years, while being concealed with corruption and fake rules.  But developers now have reason to rejoice because this new eagle killing rule will bring wind supporters far more wealth.

It obviously does not matter that this law was created through corrupt channels and research fraud or that there is no greater good from these wind energy developments.  What really matters with these worthless projects is slimy corporations getting their way and increasing wealth.  I know this to be true because the proof I sent in to the Interior Department, exposing the numerous ways in which the research used for the new eagle killing rules, was completely fraudulent.  If the Interior Department had any decency they would have dismissed all of it and made no rule changes.                                         

While these schemers are looking forward to new riches, they have permission to kill what is really is an unlimited number of eagles because there still is no real accountability for this industry.  My advice for every community across America is simple, get educated and fight this corporate tyranny.  If you want to stop this insane environmental destruction, preserve quality of life in your regions and save tax dollars for services actually needed, then do the right thing……… Save an eagle and kill a wind turbine.


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Comment by Jim Wiegand on January 17, 2017 at 6:53pm

Very important corrections for new eagle killing rules - Annual bald eagle bag limits are now 7,518.

Even though this new rule was primarily designed for the unencumbered expansion of wind energy into the wetland habitats inhabited by eagles, this new rule does includes all industrial eagle take.

Population estimates used for eagle take were created with embellished population figures. Proof of this was submitted in my 7.1.2016 comments to the Interior Department. However my eagle take figures of 6200 are not correct. The final revisions had several changes from the draft revisions. Most notably:

Bald eagle take limits were modified from 4,200 eagles annually to 3,742 bald eagles in the coterminous United Sates and 3,776 eagles in Alaska, for a total of 7,518 bald eagles annually. Golden eagle take limits remain zero.

Golden Eagle take limits may remain at zero but their slaughter from wind turbines continues, new wind projects in their habitat are being planned, and their declining populations remain hidden

Comment by Jim Wiegand on January 13, 2017 at 11:46am

The expression of the dark souls behind this industry is clearly seen by the selling of these toxic projects.  Keep in mind that selling lies, corruption, rigged research and intimidation are minor when compared to the damage they are inflicting on this planet.                                                          After the release of this report “Wind energy -A runaway failure for 4 decades”, keep a very close lookout for this repeating “green gestapo” pattern,  EIA and projects numbers will be rigged to offset my research and new fake stories will emerge.  I can site a number of circumstances when after putting out information exposing these crooks, new fake research has been manufactured to counter it.  I know what is coming and I also have more industry information I have uncovered that they can’t rig their way out of.  After they produce their new round of rigged wind energy data, I will put this out.

Comment by Long Islander on January 11, 2017 at 10:35pm

Fraudulently create a need and then fill it fraudulently. Jim, it's really that simple.

Comment by Jim Wiegand on January 10, 2017 at 4:24pm

Many have heard this business quote………”Find a Need and Fill It”.   Wind energy has a much different business plan.  Here we have and industry that has fraudulently created a need and then is fraudulently filling it.  What a good deal for them and a bad deal for American taxpayers.

Comment by Frank Haggerty on January 10, 2017 at 8:51am

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