The three-state Clean Energy RFP is one key component to ensuring the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the states of Connecticut and Rhode Island meet their clean energy and environmental objectives. Bidders submitted responses to this RFP earlier this year and the evaluation is ongoing. The evaluation team will notify bidders of their status as selections are made.  Given the complexity of the analysis and the volume of bids, additional time is needed for evaluation. We will continue to move the process forward as quickly as possible. The website – - will be updated periodically as needed.  Final results of the RFP will be announced to the public when executed contracts are filed for regulatory review.

The Clean Energy RFP evaluation team is providing this notice to ensure bidders and stakeholders have all of the up-to-date information available about the status of the RFP. Bidders need not contact the Clean Energy RFP evaluation team with inquiries about bid status, as this statement covers all information the Clean Energy RFP team can provide at this time.