Georgian PM accuses EU of ‘blackmailing’ him with assassination threat

Georgian PM accuses EU of ‘blackmailing’ him with assassination threat


The EU is trying to intimidate Georgia over its foreign agents law, Georgian PM Irakli Kobakhidze has said


Georgian PM accuses EU of ‘blackmailing’ him with assassination threat

PM Kobakhidze has claimed, an EU commissioner told him he could end up suffering the same fate as Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico, who survived an assassination attempt last week.

In a Facebook post on Thursday May 24, 2024, PM Kobakhidze said, the unnamed commissioner warned him during a recent phone call, the West would take “a number of measures” against Georgia, if his government pressed ahead with a transparency law requiring foreign NGOs, Media Outlets and individuals in Georgia to disclose their funding.

“While listing these measures, he mentioned: ‘you see what happened to Fico, and you should be very careful’,” he wrote.


PM Fico of Slovakia, was shot multiple times, as he met with supporters outside a government meeting in the town of Handlova on May 15.

He was rushed to hospital, underwent emergency surgery, and is currently recuperating from his injuries.

His would-be assassin – a 71-year-old poet, who allegedly disagreed with Fico’s suspension of military aid to Ukraine – has been charged with attempted murder.


Georgia’s parliament passed the ‘Transparency of Foreign Influence Act’ last week. The law requires NGOs, Media Outlets, and individuals receiving more than 20% of their funding from abroad to register as entities “promoting the interests of a foreign power”,  and disclose their donors.


While the act has been vetoed by Georgia’s pro-EU president, Salome Zourabichvili, parliament is expected to override the veto.


Georgia does not want to become second Ukraine – PM
PM Kobakhidze: Georgia does not want to become a second Ukraine 


Despite, even more stringent foreign influence laws existing, for many years, in the US, UK, and other Western nations, Georgia’s foreign agent law has been strongly condemned by US and EU officials, with Washington considering unspecified “actions” against Georgia and multiple EU members threatening sanctions, according to media reports. 


The Georgian law requires NGOs, Media Outlets and individuals to register as ‘pursuing the interests of a foreign power’ if they receive over 20% of their funding from abroad, similar to the 1938 US Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA).


The Georgian law was approved in three parliamentary votes, but was vetoed by Pro-EU President Zurabishvili, a ‘traitor to the Caucasian nation’ in the words of Georgian PM Kobakhidze.

The Parliament is expected to overrule the Presidential veto in yet another vote.


The EU Commissioner Making Threats:


One of the EU Commissioners, the Hungarian Oliver Varhelyi, Commissioner for "Neighborhood policy and Enlargement", threatened Georgian PM Kobakhidze with the fate of Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico, who recently suffered an assassination attempt.

This was posted in the Georgia government Official Facebook page: “Even against the background of years of blackmail, the threats that were voiced in a telephone conversation with one of the EU Commissioners were striking.

In particular, in his conversation with me, the EU Commissioner listed a number of "measures"  Western politicians could take after overriding the veto on the transparency law, and said while listing these measures – ‘You saw what happened to Fiсo, you should be very careful’, the post claims.”

Measures include:

Stop Georgia's EU and NATO member applications, stop EU, IMF, World Bank development loans, impose US sanctions on Georgian officials if democracy was undermined in the country.

President Zourabichvili vetoed the law on May 18, but according to Parliament speaker Papuashvili, lawmakers plan to override the veto next week.


From the EU Commissioner:


“Oliver Varhelyi, EU commissioner for Neighborhood policy and Enlargement: “I would like to express my very sincere regret that a certain part of my phone conversation was taken out of context,”Varhelyi said in a statement released on Thursday, addressing PM Kobakhidze’s words.


There you have it: the EU using scare tactics to increase pressure on Georgia to drop the law, then acting like it was ‘misunderstood’.


“Varhelyi said in a statement he wanted to tell PM Kobakhidze not to further inflame the already-fragile situation in Georgia, which could lead to further polarization and to possible uncontrolled situations on the streets in Tbilisi (which is what Western-financed NGOs, etc., had been doing). and the assassination attempt in Slovakia “was made as an example, and as a reference, to where such a high level of polarization can lead in a society, even in Europe”.

‘I regret that a certain part of my phone call was not just fully taken out of context, but was also presented to the public in a way which could give rise to a complete misinterpretation of the originally intended aim of my phone call’, Varhelyi said.” ( however, he does not mention his listing of "measures" 


Response from PM Kobakhidze:


“We have long been accustomed to this kind of insulting blackmail,” PM Kobakhidze wrote.

“The parallel drawn with the attempted assassination of Robert Fico reminds us,  in the form of the Global War Party, we are dealing with an extremely dangerous force, that will do anything to bring chaos to Georgia.”


In an interview with Georgia’s Channel 1 on Wednesday, PM Kobakhidze argued, without a transparency law, foreign-funded NGOs, Media Outlets and individuals operating in Georgia could easily foment a revolution akin to the US-backed ‘Maidan’ coup in Ukraine in 2014, (and the recent attempted Coups in Belarus in 2021, and Kazakhstan in 2022).


“We want transparency.. We don’t want to have outsiders muddy the waters in Georgia, because a ‘Georgian Maidan’ could lead our country to very serious consequences, it could lead to its ‘Ukrainization’.  We cannot agree with this. That has to be avoided like the plague” he said.


PM Kobakhidze stated Georgia still wants to join both the EU and NATO, but the transparency law is necessary to protect Georgian sovereignty.


However, the US will increase pressure, because it wants to use Georgia as a second front against Russia.

The US will impose sanctions on the Georgian leadership.

The EU is likely to withdraw its decision to grant Georgia the status of a candidate for accession
The West is hoping to cause an even greater wave of protests, an even greater mobilization of the pro-Western factions, which might make it possible to overthrow the current Georgian government by hook or by crook, as happened in Ukraine, etc.."

NATO deceives Georgia for years by mistranslating its treaty — pro-government party

"The key article stipulating that each country makes its own decision on whether to use or not to use military assistance as it deems necessary, has vanished from the original treaty in its translation," the statement reads
NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Kobakhidze Inna Kukudzhanova/TASS
NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Kobakhidze
© Inna Kukudzhanova/TASS


TBILISI, June 5. /TASS/. Throughout the past years, NATO has been misleading the people of Georgia with the help of an inaccurate translation of the North Atlantic Treaty, which omits a reservation that the alliance’s members help one another only if they deem it necessary, the Georgian party People’s Power said in a statement.


Being part of the parliamentary majority, People’s Power supports all initiatives of the country’s authorities.


"Unlike the original [text], an essential part that says about the use of armed force was removed from the Georgian version.

The key article stipulating that each country makes its own decision on whether to use, or not to use, military assistance, as it deems necessary, has vanished from the original treaty in its translation.

The Georgian version presents it in such a manner that if an attack against NATO members occurs, all the countries must engage in military confrontation and to protect the ally from this aggression.

There is a question who believed it necessary to conduct propaganda based on lies for years and to persuade the people of Georgia that NATO membership, a priori, means security and guaranteed peace," the statement said.


The party cited the English and Georgian versions of the 1949 North Atlantic Treaty.

As the TASS correspondent found out, the translation of Article 5 into Georgian reads that "if such an armed attack occurs, each of them <…> will assist the Party or Parties so attacked by taking forthwith <…> such action, including the use of armed force, to restore and maintain the security of the North Atlantic area." .

However, the English version contains a reservation that the countries will take "such action, as it deems necessary, including the use of armed force."

The People's Power Party assumes that the answer to a question, who has benefitted from deceiving the Georgian people by mistranslating the Treaty is that "the global party of war has for years been exploiting the EU and NATO issue as a tool of influence on people."

The PPP pointed out that people were made to believe that salvation was only through NATO membership, and this manipulation was used against the country’s authorities.


In addition, the statement said that over the past decades, Georgia has been listening to "the empty promises" and the urges to do more and more for NATO membership.

As another reason for nihilism concerning integration into the alliance, the party cited US President Joe Biden who said that he had not been prepared to support the "NATOization of Ukraine."

The statement emphasized that "the choice is simple" when the West reiterates that the two revolutions have brought democracy to Ukraine, whereas in fact, Tbilisi sees "a ruined country bogged down in the misery of war."

It looks like NATO was trying to put one over on Georgia, and the Georgian leadership called a foul. 
I wonder, if that game was played with other newish NATO countries
Georgia has parliamentary elections In September, which the West will try to influence with its paid-for NGOs and its paid-for Media to get the “right people” in place; a “soft” coup d'Etat
Those NGOs and Media are now identified and curtailed by Georgia’s new law, to increase transparency, meaning, find out what the hell is going on, before it is too late.
The West aims to turn Georgia into a second front against Russia, another Ukraine, but the Georgians are not buying the prospect of that ruination 
I am surprised people are closing their minds against these NATO/EU/US misdoings.
Now you have some background that most people do not have.
The EU/US Media will definitely not write about it, so their people are being hoodwinked as well,.

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This sounds over the top, but after NY, all bets are off
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