RoxWind - DEP Public Hearing on Jan 7, 2019 - Also Email Address for Written Comments

The public hearing will be held at 1:00 P.M. on Monday, January 7, 2019, at the Roxbury Town Hall, 1095 Roxbury Road, Roxbury. The entire hearing will be open to the public. The daytime session will be devoted to receiving testimony from the parties (applicant and intervenors), in accordance with procedural orders issued by the Department. The issues to be addressed at the hearing are limited to scenic impact and decommissioning, in accordance with the Department’s Third Procedural Order.

The Department will hold an evening session at 6:00 P.M. on Monday, January 7, 2019, at Roxbury Town Hall for the purpose of receiving testimony from members of the general public.

Should weather conditions or other events necessitate a postponement, the hearing will be held at the same time of day and the same location on Friday, January 11, 2019.

Comments on the application may be submitted orally to the Department at the public hearing or in writing at any time until 10 days prior to the Department’s issuance of a final decision. Written comments may be mailed to: Maine Department of Environmental Protection, Attn: Erle Townsend, 17 State House Station, Augusta, Maine 04333-0017 or submitted via e-mail to

The file on this matter is available for public review during normal business hours at the Department’s Augusta Office, 28 Tyson Drive, Augusta, Maine. A copy of the application as well as other submitted materials is also available for review on the Department’s RoxWind Project website:

For further information, or to arrange to view the Department file, contact the project manager, Erle Townsend, at the e-mail address above or by phone at (207) 287-6115.


Download the full letter at: NoticeofHearing_RoxWind%20-%20Copy.pdf


Dear Parties and Interested Persons.


This email is to inform you that the Department published a Notice of Hearing today in the Lewiston Sun Journal. A copy of the notice is attached. Download at: NoticeofHearing_RoxWind%20-%20Copy.pdf


A copy of this notice is being sent via U.S. Mail, First Class to the parties, municipal, county, and legislative officials affected by this licensing matter, as well as interested persons who have provided the Department with a mailing address.  The Department plans to publish a notice again in the Thursday December 27, 2018 edition of the Lewiston Sun Journal.  


Thank you,


Kevin Martin

Compliance & Procedures Specialist

Maine Department of Environmental Protection

(207) 287-4305



It would be helpful if people comment on the applicant’s request to forego installing Radar Activated Lighting (RAL) or Aircraft Detection Lighting System (ADLS).  This is a visual impact issue.
For years wind developers seeking permits told the DEP that they would gladly install ADLS if only the FAA approves it.  Well, FAA has approved it and the DEP has said it will require it in all projects moving forward.  A few of the existing projects that had made the promise also accepted it as a condition of their DEP permit.  Now Bingham, Passadumkeag and Bull Hill have all installed ADLS (at great expense).  RoxWind should be required to do the same.  

A Hike up Rumford Whitecap Before the Onslaught of Turbines

The view north is directly at Partridge Peak, Flathead Mt. and Record Hill, the site of Independence Wind's project. Part of the illegal road system (built without permits or financing secured) is clearly seen.

Maine is an incredibly beautiful state. The views from Rumford Whitecap, which has a sub-alpine ecosystem at one of the lowest altitudes in Maine, are incredible. From Rumford Whitecap, the summit of which was protected by The Mahoosuc Land Trust, the view is marred by the Record Hill Wind project, seen here, as well as Spruce Mt. Wind in Woodstock and Saddleback Ridge Wind in Carthage.
We must stop the ravaging of Maine's natural and scenic resources by the wind industry. It is long overdue for the heinous "wind law" to be repealed.

Mountains in the distance are Tumbledown, protected as a Maine Public Land Preserve to the right and Saddleback, which the Appalachian Trail traverses.

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Comment by Penny Gray on January 2, 2019 at 4:47pm

Done.  Thanks for the reminder.

Comment by Art Brigades on January 2, 2019 at 11:17am

Submit public comments immediately at the link.  Be specific:

1. Roxiwind doesn't want to install radar activated lights.  People should object, as the DEP has said it will require them for all projects since the FAA approved the technology.

2. Roxiwind doesn't consider Rumford Whitecap a "significant" natural resource worth analyzing for visual impact.  People should object and defend Rumford Whitecap as worthy of consideration.  

3. Roxiwind says they shouldn't be required to guarantee full decommissioning of a project that (even if they do flip it to a real wind developer) is going to be rusting mountain junk in very short order. People should object and require that DEP ignore scrap/salvage value.

Comment by Long Islander on December 21, 2018 at 12:07am

RoxWind, Roxbury

Application for Siting Certification and Natural Resource Protection Act Permit for Small-Scale Wind Energy Development

Materials can be downloaded here:

Comment by Jim Wiegand on December 9, 2018 at 1:02pm

…………."there will be no required formal species monitoring or mortality counts during the operational life of the project"                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             I have news for everybody, there hasn't been any real wind turbine mortality monitoring since 1985.  So, in a way they are admitting it.  About the only thing good about these conditions is that they that don’t have to hire any whore researchers to create fake studies. Under these conditions taxpayers might save a little money but knowing this industry they won’t and the green bastards will just walk away with more profits.


There should be outrage from the masses in the US  like that going on in France at the moment because the people have been getting hosed by this criminal industry for decades.  When will people wake up to the destruction and the fact that this industry is being paid billions to kill eagles while pretending to be producing a viable amount of energy ? When will people wake up to the fact that their progressive feel good electric cars are really being powered by other sources of energy and colluding utility companies are playing a shell game with their power sources?


Not only should there be massive protests, our corrupt leaders should be given absolute ultimatums  to rid society from these worthless countryside monsters………………Or else.

Comment by Penny Gray on December 8, 2018 at 5:11pm

Art, which part of the Rox Wind application did you find the species monitoring information in?

Comment by Art Brigades on December 7, 2018 at 11:22pm
  1. there will be no required formal species monitoring or mortality counts during the operational life of the project.

  2. 2)  While no formal monitoring will be required at the site, RoxWind will inform its operators to report any incidentally discovered deaths of bats or birds to MDIFW (Section 7.5).

  3. However, RoxWind will direct its operators to record any incidental discovery of mortalities of bats or birds. Whenever possible, any carcass discovered (especially bats) should be collected, stored in a plastic bag, and frozen with a label noting the date, time, and nearest turbine #. Similar practices are requested of all wind energy facilities in Maine. MDIFW authorizes the salvage and temporary possession of such specimens via issuance of a “Scientific Collection Permit” that requires annual reporting of all specimens.

    7.2. Site inspections: MDIFW personnel will be allowed to visit the facility to search for bat fatalities with advance notice to parties identified in the ITP. Such notice shall provide reasonable cause, the requested date and time, and the number of personnel anticipated on‐site for the inspection. MDIFW shall coordinate any such visits with site operators to ensure safety protocols are followed and that the site is entered and exited securely.

Comment by Art Brigades on December 7, 2018 at 12:14pm

Looking through the application, the "peer review" of the visual simulation shows how Rumford Whitecap will be impacted. The Record Hill turbines to the north are already visible, but the four new 3.8 MW machines are going to be in the foreground, even closer to Rumford Whitecap. Because of this closer positioning, they will dominate the panorama, and will have an in-your-face impact on one of the best and most popular hikes in Maine.  

Hannah Pingree on the Maine expedited wind law

Hannah Pingree - Director of Maine's Office of Innovation and the Future

"Once the committee passed the wind energy bill on to the full House and Senate, lawmakers there didn’t even debate it. They passed it unanimously and with no discussion. House Majority Leader Hannah Pingree, a Democrat from North Haven, says legislators probably didn’t know how many turbines would be constructed in Maine."


Maine as Third World Country:

CMP Transmission Rate Skyrockets 19.6% Due to Wind Power


Click here to read how the Maine ratepayer has been sold down the river by the Angus King cabal.

Maine Center For Public Interest Reporting – Three Part Series: A CRITICAL LOOK AT MAINE’S WIND ACT


(excerpts) From Part 1 – On Maine’s Wind Law “Once the committee passed the wind energy bill on to the full House and Senate, lawmakers there didn’t even debate it. They passed it unanimously and with no discussion. House Majority Leader Hannah Pingree, a Democrat from North Haven, says legislators probably didn’t know how many turbines would be constructed in Maine if the law’s goals were met." . – Maine Center for Public Interest Reporting, August 2010 Part 2 – On Wind and Oil Yet using wind energy doesn’t lower dependence on imported foreign oil. That’s because the majority of imported oil in Maine is used for heating and transportation. And switching our dependence from foreign oil to Maine-produced electricity isn’t likely to happen very soon, says Bartlett. “Right now, people can’t switch to electric cars and heating – if they did, we’d be in trouble.” So was one of the fundamental premises of the task force false, or at least misleading?" Part 3 – On Wind-Required New Transmission Lines Finally, the building of enormous, high-voltage transmission lines that the regional electricity system operator says are required to move substantial amounts of wind power to markets south of Maine was never even discussed by the task force – an omission that Mills said will come to haunt the state.“If you try to put 2,500 or 3,000 megawatts in northern or eastern Maine – oh, my god, try to build the transmission!” said Mills. “It’s not just the towers, it’s the lines – that’s when I begin to think that the goal is a little farfetched.”

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