Illegal Immigrants Are A Net Negative – We Don’t Need Them

Illegal Immigrants Are A Net Negative – We Don’t Need Them


They say it’s about more people working, but what about more people taking welfare and other subsidies?

Neither the captive, one-client Congressional Budget Office, CBO, (nor the lapdog traditional Media) make any distinction between legal migrants and illegal migrants, when it comes to economic effects.


Legal migrants have documents obtained AFTER vetting by US consulates, while legal migrants are in their own country.

They usually have education, are in good health, have careers, business plans, modern skill sets and their own money before coming into the US.


Most illegals have nothing – little education, no substantial/modern skill sets, no money, and no plan, other than to get free handouts wherever possible, or just grab whatever they need, whenever they can.

We have seen the proof of this in places like dysfunctional New York, California and Washington, DC, where a tiny percentage of illegals, bused into the cities, have absolutely crushed the welfare infrastructures.


Costs of illegals

It’s estimated that the net lifetime cost of each illegal migrant for the American taxpayer is over $68,000.

While some illegals do end up paying taxes, eventually, their overall cost is far higher than the amount they pay in.

Illegals with children need education, healthcare, housing, clothes, food, heating subsidies for years


Inflated job markets

The jobs market has been inflated by $trillions in Federal Reserve stimulus (money created out of thin air, loaned to the US Treasury, which pays the bill due for deficit spending


Most of the jobs created are part-time, low-wage, retail/service jobs that may disappear in a couple years 

The CBO notes in the same report, unemployment is set to increase in 2024, but the media

"not-reported/benign-neglected" that little tidbit of vital information.


Illegal migrants are not needed to keep the labor market going

In fact, as jobs numbers inevitably plummet, due to higher interest rates, illegals will add to jobless levels and poverty levels in the US, further dragging down about 50 million hispanic and 45 million black people, who will likely be voting for Trump.


Housing market under pressure

The American housing market has suffered an oppressive spike in prices, with home costs and rents and mortgage costs doubling in many places.

This is caused in part by the millions of migrants entering the country each year looking for housing and getting subsidies from various US government programs to secure that housing.

Get rid of the illegals, sending them back, and I guarantee rent costs will quickly go down.


Almost all of the projected GDP gain from illegal immigrants comes from their wages, which go into their pockets (the same wages they send back to their families in their home countries, instead of circulating within the US economy).

There is no direct GDP gain from illegals in terms of benefits to the US economy.

That said, the CBO may also be accounting for another factor which many Americans are unaware of – Government spending being added to GDP.


Government $trillion deficit spending increases GDP

As I’ve noted in the past, a large portion of GDP calculated by state governments and the federal government, comes from deficit spending.

The more the government spends the higher GDP climbs.

It doesn’t matter, if that money was wasted, it is still counted as rising economic activity.

So, if the US is adding 4 - 5 million illegals per year to the population, and the government is spending tens of $billions more in tax dollars per year through various subsidies, that will amount to tens of $billions per year in extra GDP.


And the more they allow illegals to enter the country unchecked/unvetted, the more GDP can grow exponentially a phony manner

Is that good for the economy? No.

What kind of phony growth is that?

Did that GDP growth include more spending on police and courts and crime prevention, and managing civil disturbances?

That kind of phony GDP growth is going to destroy the US economy and US society.

We are already seeing the effects, but the government and the lapdog traditional Media can spin it to look like it’s a positive.

The head of the CBO is a RINO, masquerading as a Republican.

He’s a former member of the IMF, so it’s not surprising, he would paint mass migration as a positive.


World Economic Forum, WEF, globalists want to end national sovereignty and the fastest way to do that is to 1) create open border conditions, 2) kill domestic economies, 3) erase western culture, and 4) after enough chaos has been created, swoop in with their “global solution”.

This is the plan; to destabilize the US economic system, not save it.

And, illegal immigrants, promoted by the Obama-cabal that manages Biden, who can no longer manage a teleprompter, or a flight of stairs, or a press conference, are a useful tool for that WEF end game.

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"Once the committee passed the wind energy bill on to the full House and Senate, lawmakers there didn’t even debate it. They passed it unanimously and with no discussion. House Majority Leader Hannah Pingree, a Democrat from North Haven, says legislators probably didn’t know how many turbines would be constructed in Maine."

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