The $100-Million Solar Scam and Maine Energy Committee Chair’s Shocking Power Trip

1/16/18, Maine First Media Staff Report,

The Colosseum on the Kennebec is still buzzing following an Energy Committee hearing late last week.

The controversy surrounds, one piece of unconstitutional legislation, a committee chair on a power trip and a GOP Gubernatorial Candidate missing in action.

The bill in question is LD 1686, the $100-Million Solar Scam.

Republican Senator Tom Saviello (R-Wilton) is the sponsor of the bill again this session.

Last year the $100-Million Solar Scam passed through the legislature but was vetoed by Gov. Paul LePage, and his veto was sustained.

If passed this session, the bill would provide free services for solar users, by charging non-solar Mainers a higher energy rate. Estimates last year projected the proposal would increase energy bi....

And that’s what can get lost in the excitement of last Thursday’s controversial hearing. Maine First Media will get into what made the meeting so contentious. And we will cover why the bill is unconstitutional. However, it is important not to forget the simple fact; it’s a bad bill.

Legislators should be looking for ways to cut energy costs for Mainers. This bill raises energy costs for consumers, again, by about $100-Million!

As Republican Representative Beth O’Connor (R-Berwick) describes it, this bill is about cost shifting, forcing hardworking Mainers to pay for benefits only going to solar customers.

Special Policy Advisor on Energy for Gov. LePage, James LaBrecque, further explains the cost-shifting nature of the bill.

“The bill is designed to charge people who don’t have solar and give that money to people who do have solar,” LaBrecque said.  “It’s a metering method where people with solar collectors will get free use of the electrical transmission and distribution system.”

In other words, it’s a boondoggle for Maine’s green-crony corporatists, like Rep. Seth Berry (D-Bowdoinham).

Rep. Berry is the chairman of Maine’s Energy, Utilities and Technology Committee. And he was presiding over what should have been a routine public hearing Thursday.

However, as the George Hale and Ric Tyler Show on WVOM has chronicled, the meeting was anything by routine. In fact, Republican Representative Heather Sirocki (R-Scarborough) said she’s never seen a public hearing quite like this one.

The meeting started off unusually. Senate President Michael Thibodeau (R-Winterport) allowed the meeting to continue without any Senators present on the joint committee. The move by Sen. Thibodeau — who is one of the RINO members of GOP “leadership” running for Governor in 2018 — set the tone for the meeting and put Rep. Berry firmly in charge.

Sen. Thibodeau says not a single member of the Senate was able to attend the hearing and he only can delay a public hearing for thirty minutes.

Maine First Media finds it troubling not one Senator, elected by Mainers to work on behalf of the people of Maine, was able to attend a hearing about what Leftists claim is an “emergency” bill.

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