Only wind energy research being conducted is research that can be rigged - A report from the UK

This is an interesting post about the satellite tagged golden eagles that have gone missing in Scotland.
What makes this post so interesting are not all the lies and coverup being printed in a panic by Raptor Prosecution, but the comments made by Mr. Adam’s (BSc, Physics) ‘critique’ of Scotland’s obvious non-random golden eagle Satellite tracking data that has been released.                                                                                                              Sadly, with this bogus satellite data analysis given by the Scottish Natural Heritage in Report No. 982, we have the fox guarding the hen house.                                                                                                                             "We found no evidence that wind farms or activities associated with their operation accounted for losses of tagged eagles, or the disappearance of eagles with tags that suddenly stopped functioning.".................What are these dirtbags going to say after the people of Scotland have figured out that most of their golden eagles are gone.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       There is so much in this 285 page report that SNH did not tell the people of Scotland. When looking at this image keep in mind that GPS fix rates for Scotland eagle tracking devises did not upload final movements for as long as ten days . If a device with a dead eagle was found it could be smashed, turned off or easily moved 50 km away before a GPS fix or upload occurred to a data center. In America GPS fixes and final transmissions were set up so that there was plenty of time to move whopping carcasses when they were killed at wind farms.
“105GPS – Microwave Telemetry Inc. 105 g (lithium) battery powered GPS transmitters (LC4PTTs). Transmitters took 1 GPS fix per day at 12 noon and transmitted every 10 days.

Being a wind industry and wildlife expert I happen to know from the hundreds of wind energy related studies I have analyzed, that the only wind energy research being conducted by the wind mafia, is research that can be rigged. It is the main reason wind personal are allowed to touch carcasses during studies, carcass search areas are up to 50 times too small, search intervals can extend up to 90 days apart and everybody involved is being choked with non-disclosure agreements. The wind crooks don’t want you the public, to know what’s going on. The wind mafia will only show results that fit into the wind energy agenda. The only two exceptions I have found were two legitimate mortality studies that have been stripped from the internet. One conducted in America from 1985 and one from Netherlands in 1992. The research methodologies used in these studies have never again been duplicated.
I will remind readers that satellite tacking data is not DNA ,even though they pretend it is, it is easily rigged. In America they have rigged satellite data with the condors, the whopping cranes and with hundreds of golden eagles. I also know from the pitiful wind mortality research conducted in the UK and from the complete avoidance of legitimate research, not a word should be believed by those representing the wind industry. And believe me this group represents the wind industry. This is why they delete and won't post my factual comments.
The golden eagle satellite data is not only non random, it does not fit eagle behavior and dispersal patterns. I also will remind readers of the research conducted by a UK/Canadian outfit and their reported (nonrandom) carcass dispersal patterns in their studies. Their carcass data so far-fetched that it could not be duplicated on 400 ft turbines with legitimate research in over a 100 trillion years or as long as this solar system is in existence. I am sure that Mr. Adam’s (BSc, Physics) with his expertise in the laws of motion, gravity and inertia, would agree completely with me.
The truth that public needs to hear is that the UK government, RSPB, and this Raptor Prosecution site are corrupt. That way real environmental problems can be solved instead of these sellouts solving solutions for corporate profits.  All these entities are hiding the fact that golden eagles are being systematically slaughtered off by wind turbine developments in Scotland. And it is so damn easy to get additional proof that eagle habitat abandonment is taking place. All it would take is a few hours in an aircraft flying over eagle habitat.                                                                                                                                                                                 The crown to all this madness is that “peer reviewed”  with wind energy research, means almost nothing because this stamp of approval it has eroded into a sellout liars club. In fact peer reviewed is now closer to meaning ………..”Approved by the corrupt”.

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