The Collapse of Corporate Media & Citizen Free Press

I post this with the disclosure that I am not really familiar with Citizen Free Press. I've now added them to my bookmarks and will take a look. I find it almost too good to be true that this Citizens Free Press could boast such huge audience numbers but I am not surprised that some of the mainstream media sites are losing audience. It's hard to fully put these numbers in context without seeing how they have trended over time.

My guess is that the trend of a collapsing mainstream media would be very evident in such an analysis. The article is based on Web only but it is likely a good indicator of regular Americans waking up to the fact that the mainstream media is really the mainstream propaganda. This is not tolerable for a nation to be free. The forces behind the media don't want us free and probably don't want the U.S. to exist as a nation.

How one man runs the 5th largest news service in the United States

Emerald Robinson
Apr 11

One way that we can measure the collapse of the corporate media business in America is to compare their audience numbers to independent media outlets with tiny budgets and very few staff. In the case of Citizen Free Press, we’re talking about only one man typing headlines on a site with no ads and no budget — and it’s now the 5th largest news service (according to web traffic) in the US.

That sounds impossible of course — but it’s true.

That’s right: Citizen Free Press gets more traffic than the Wall Street Journal and Politico.

That’s twice as much traffic as ABC News. That’s 50% more traffic than NBC News.

That’s not the only interesting piece of news about the corporate media’s collapse contained in this web traffic report. Did you know that Gateway Pundit gets more traffic than CBS News? Did you know that Breitbart gets more traffic than NBC News? Did you know that Zero Hedge gets more traffic than ABC News? The legacy broadcast networks are in deep trouble — particularly with the move in TV from cable to streaming service.

I talked with the man behind Citizen Free Press — who goes by the name of Kane — on several occasions recently. He was offered $40 million for his site just last year. What’s it worth this year? He told me “probably $100 million.”

How is it possible that he is competing, and beating, media outlets with thousands of employees? According to Kane, the corporate media outlets “are boring. They all do the same version of the same story in the same way.” He’s right of course.

Kane told me a few other interesting tidbits. Citizen Free Press is located somewhere in Indiana. It’s all word-of-mouth and independent and organic. He doesn’t want to monetize it right now. He doesn’t want to be a pundit and he doesn’t want to be a celebrity either. He raises money by fundraising from his readers once or twice per year.

Kane started Citizen Free Press before Matt Drudge turned on President Trump. He wants to surpass Drudge one day in terms of web traffic — that’s his goal. Kane told me that he has worked every day for five years to make it happen. I wouldn’t bet against him — that’s for sure.

Could one man have a bigger audience than the New York Times eventually? Could one conservative do that all by himself?

I wouldn’t bet against him.

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Comment by Willem Post on April 23, 2022 at 6:25am

President Obama: “The First Amendment Does Not Apply to … Facebook and Twitter”

Obama has been the most-damaging President to the US, and US society, and US culture, because he was an early proponent of wokeness, when few people knew what it meant, and its damaging implications.

He infiltrated HIS kind people throughout the federal government, including Defense, State and Intelligence. No stone was left unturned

Trump being President interrupted their US-woke agenda for four years, so he had to be removed, by hook and by crook, including by a massively stolen election

The "Biden/Handlers" tried to rekindle Obama’s wokeness, such as:

1) With the costly disaster of Open Borders to change US demographics; far more costly EACH YEAR, than building the entire wall from coast to coast.

2) With an original $$6 TRILLION BBB, pared to a $2.2 TRILLION BBB, to have the federal government in the dominant hands of Dem/Progs forever, but that was stymied by two Democrats, including Manchin.

3) With grossly excessive deficit spending under the false flag of COVID, or whatever other false flags

The pump-priming led to huge inflation of 8+%/y, further aggravated by the US fanning the flames in Ukraine.

Obama was successful ,because his administration did everything more subtly.

The "Biden/Handlers" administration has tried to throw everything down America’s throat at once, and the damage to the US, and the US people, has become too obvious to almost everyone.


It will be obvious to many woke Democrat politicians, by November 2022.


The Obama subtlety, akin to a very clever seller of snake oil, in lambs clothing, led to the present wokeness, CRT, Trans teaching of children, etc.


All of the above was hatched during the Obama years, interrupted for four years by Trump, then “implemented” by grossly inept, extreme-leftists, Socialist, Sanders/Wyden folks, such as the snake-like posses, led by the Schumer and Pelosi 


The woke US Media were hugely complicit.


Maine as Third World Country:

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Hannah Pingree on the Maine expedited wind law

Hannah Pingree - Director of Maine's Office of Innovation and the Future

"Once the committee passed the wind energy bill on to the full House and Senate, lawmakers there didn’t even debate it. They passed it unanimously and with no discussion. House Majority Leader Hannah Pingree, a Democrat from North Haven, says legislators probably didn’t know how many turbines would be constructed in Maine."

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