More about the REASONS behind the protest who led to the arrest of Donald Smith.

This is an editorial from November 2010. 


Wind power’s assault on Maine

Posted Nov. 23, 2010, at 5:56 p.m.

Three dozen protesters huddled in ponchos in cold rain, holding signs denouncing First Wind’s turbine construction project in Lincoln on Nov. 5. While most of us stood legally on the side of the road, five brave people intentionally stood in the road, blocking construction traffic, including an 82-year-old man. The arrests that followed have focused much needed attention on the wind industry’s well-planned assault on our state.

The devastation that will result from this assault, thousands of turbines on ridges throughout the state, comes from collusion among three allies — the wind industry (big companies such as General Electric that builds turbines, transformers, smart meters), powerful politicians like Gov. John Baldacci and former Gov. Angus King and environmental groups whose mission has changed from protecting Maine’s environment to saving the planet from climate change. This threesome managed in four years to reverse 40 years of environment and public health protection.

People opposed to the sacrifice of Maine’s landscape have the deck stacked against them. Laws in place prevent citizens from challenging the economic and environmental assumptions used to justify wind power. The cumulative effects of multiple wind projects are ignored by the agencies responsible for protecting our environment and wildlife habitats.

How did this happen?


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Comment by Martha thacker on March 2, 2016 at 2:36pm

I agree Long Islander. Deutshe Bank has gotten trouble in several European countries over cap and trade type stuff...I think they have a more fair justice system than we do.

Comment by Long Islander on March 1, 2016 at 10:09am

The banks are the real bank robbers.

Comment by Martha thacker on March 1, 2016 at 9:53am

"People opposed to the sacrifice of Maine’s landscape have the deck stacked against them."

I think , when all is said and done, it will be the demise of the criminal banks which will take them down. Sadly not honest politicians. When the banks go, there will be no more incentive/bribery money for our esteemed legislators to vote against Maine , Mother Earth and their constituency.

Comment by Monique Aniel Thurston on February 28, 2016 at 3:30pm

Thank You Brad for posting those pictures ,let us add that Don suffered some mild bleeding from the handcuffs if I remember correctly !

The EUT is holding in their hands 6 years of relentless corruption and 20  years of preparation for this corruption to fully bloom. They know perfectly well that we know all of their tricks and sooner or later the balance of power changes and they will have to come clean. They have received many emails regarding LD 1513 and 1315 and have plenty of time to reflect on giving more power to the very man who is responsible  for this environmental and human catastrophe which is onshore wind power in Maine .

Comment by Brad Blake on February 28, 2016 at 3:16pm

My hero, Don Smith!  We were am odd couple, the crusty old guy who was wiser and more committed to our efforts of Friends of Lincoln Lakes than anyone else, including the intellectual firebrands Gray Steinberg and me who spearheaded the effort.

I ghost wrote for Don a guest column that was published in the Maine Sunday Telegram.  When I presented the draft to him, he said not to change a single word.  Here's to Don Smith, who now lives in an Assisted Living Facility.  He will always be one of the most memorable characters in my life.  His guest column is worth re-reading, here in CTFWP:

Comment by Brad Blake on February 28, 2016 at 2:59pm

The Rollins Wind protest of 11/8/2010 is one of the few tangible things our anti-wind activists have achieved.  This carried high media interest for weeks, getting the message out to the general public as opposed to the talking within the echo chamber of like minded people.   We need to do more of this!

The "Rollins Five" blockade the entrance to Rollins Mt. before being arrested for criminal trespass.  The charges were dropped because First Wind did not want us to use the trial to gain media attention to our message.  They are both thieves and cowards!

Arrests being made.  Our heroes!

A hearty band of wind warriors in 35 degree weather and cold rain, committed to telling Maine this is evil!

I was close to being the 6th person arrested.  This Lincoln cop was telling me I was about to be arrested for criminal trespass; Monique Thurston grabbed me and got me back into the group on the public way.  The state trooper restrained the Lincoln cop from pursuing the arrest.

Comment by Long Islander on February 28, 2016 at 2:12pm

"The purpose of our direct action program is to create a situation so crisis-packed that it will inevitably open the door to negotiation .... Indeed, this is the very purpose of direct action .... It seeks so to dramatize the issue that it can no longer be ignored .... My citing the creation of tension as part of the work of the nonviolent resister may sound rather shocking. But I must confess that I am not afraid of the word "tension." I have earnestly opposed violent tension, but there is a type of constructive, nonviolent tension which is necessary for growth." 

None of the public agencies and bureaucracies will take seriously any of your marvelous evidence about the follies and dangers of wind energy (including Nina Pierpont's, or Rick James's, or Glenn Schleede's, or God's for that matter) until -- à la Martin Luther King -- you demonstrate to them that they are going to have to take your evidence seriously. 

The operative word is demonstrate. This is not done by reason or argument or a sense of fairness or justice. Sorry to disillusion you, and sorry to shoot down one of the cornerstones of academia: that "the truth will set you free" and "reason prevails over ignorance." Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King all knew the vital word in their struggle was demonstrate.

For more like this, please read:

Hannah Pingree on the Maine expedited wind law

Hannah Pingree - Director of Maine's Office of Innovation and the Future

"Once the committee passed the wind energy bill on to the full House and Senate, lawmakers there didn’t even debate it. They passed it unanimously and with no discussion. House Majority Leader Hannah Pingree, a Democrat from North Haven, says legislators probably didn’t know how many turbines would be constructed in Maine."


Maine as Third World Country:

CMP Transmission Rate Skyrockets 19.6% Due to Wind Power


Click here to read how the Maine ratepayer has been sold down the river by the Angus King cabal.

Maine Center For Public Interest Reporting – Three Part Series: A CRITICAL LOOK AT MAINE’S WIND ACT


(excerpts) From Part 1 – On Maine’s Wind Law “Once the committee passed the wind energy bill on to the full House and Senate, lawmakers there didn’t even debate it. They passed it unanimously and with no discussion. House Majority Leader Hannah Pingree, a Democrat from North Haven, says legislators probably didn’t know how many turbines would be constructed in Maine if the law’s goals were met." . – Maine Center for Public Interest Reporting, August 2010 Part 2 – On Wind and Oil Yet using wind energy doesn’t lower dependence on imported foreign oil. That’s because the majority of imported oil in Maine is used for heating and transportation. And switching our dependence from foreign oil to Maine-produced electricity isn’t likely to happen very soon, says Bartlett. “Right now, people can’t switch to electric cars and heating – if they did, we’d be in trouble.” So was one of the fundamental premises of the task force false, or at least misleading?" Part 3 – On Wind-Required New Transmission Lines Finally, the building of enormous, high-voltage transmission lines that the regional electricity system operator says are required to move substantial amounts of wind power to markets south of Maine was never even discussed by the task force – an omission that Mills said will come to haunt the state.“If you try to put 2,500 or 3,000 megawatts in northern or eastern Maine – oh, my god, try to build the transmission!” said Mills. “It’s not just the towers, it’s the lines – that’s when I begin to think that the goal is a little farfetched.”

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