ISO-NE Capacity Requirement Shows Flat Demand, More Solar

"ISO-NE Capacity Requirement Shows Flat Demand, More Solar"

The RTO’s filing said five renewable energy projects in northern Maine, a landfill gas facility, a wind farm and three hydropower projects, totaling more than 22 MW, were disqualified because of insufficient transmission capacity. The Orrington interface in eastern Maine, critical to unlocking wind energy potential from the northeastern areas of the state, is the subject of a study now underway by ISO-NE planners. (See ISO-NE Planning Advisory Committee Briefs.)

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It is strange in how much this looks like a similar route for I-95 that would have bypassed Bangor when it was first designed. (though not near or into Piscataquis county from tales of the old-timers)

The line shown is not 100% as no route is currently publicly known. It is an an averaged possible based on the few known tidbits of info.

Segments of this ROW if obtained may come into play for a future Energy Corridor with a potential for a transportation corridor. --- (the bigger, longer term picture when it becomes to late ? )

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Comment by Dan McKay on November 16, 2016 at 9:53am

Those five projects were disqualified from entering this year's  forward capacity market auction as ISO-NE sees the Orrington constraint as a disqualifying factor. The forward capacity is a guarantee of output moving through the system at any time called on.

ISO-NE is being compelled by public policy to allow intermittent renewables entrance into the grid which, at the same time, means more  gas plants entering to match the rarely achieved peak output from intermittent. Gas plants will get entrance into the forward capacity market and assume payments for backing up renewables.

Comment by Eric A. Tuttle on November 15, 2016 at 9:19pm

Observations & Thought. 

Clear cutting of Trees for Biomass is viewed as renewable..... A Greener Energy....... however facts of science show that burning trees creates the exact same CO² pound for pound on the average types of woods as does Coal or Oil.

Our Legislators do NOT know the science in most cases, and those that may suspect are often either bribed or brainwashed to accept false science, based on some Degree from some University by someone that needs crayons and coloring books when they can not prove their Ideal Science to be true in repeated testing. Attempts at Wind Power has been around since the early Egyptians and abandoned time after time as to costly or time consuming for the amount of gain. Obviously those Universities did not offer that part of history in lieu of being adventurous and creative. Even in our western states and midwest Wind did little to pump water for cattle or crops in mass quantity due to its Whimsical availability.

So long as we do not learn from history, we are destine to repeat it with the Cons standing with hand out to pick the pockets of the unsuspecting brainwashed masses.

Local use of Wind, Hydro, Solar is the best use of each type of power. Electrical or mechanical (as with water or grinding or sawmills) Solar has two types of energy, in the form of heat which is less polluting by using repurposed materials at times or electrical which contributes toxins of other types and CO² from material processing and installation. 

The Orrington constraint was supposed to have been addressed with the $5.2B project. These two new projects by MEPCO to the northeast and the CMP to the northwest have finally and openly stated to be just for WIND, though they started with the ploy that it was for Maine's Grid System reliability. If reliability was the truth behind this expansion, there are different designs that could be put into place along the same routes.  (Land Grabbing is the result of this concept - Our lands) 

It seems these are the Capacity Lines that will be needed to be in place, before the next round of bids for providing power will allow more Wind power provisions from Maine's Northeast and yet to be proposed onslaught into Maine's Western Mountains. 

Comment by Paula D Kelso on November 15, 2016 at 4:38pm

And a whole bunch of ground cover that the sound studies cited as mitigating have been clearcut in the last five years.

Comment by Paula D Kelso on November 15, 2016 at 4:37pm

Our amateur observation of the five new turbines here in Clifton is that they are sited lower than surrounding ridges and don't show much promise of producing much electricity but do show promise of being, like Mars Hill, a reverberating nuisance to neighbors due to differences in wind speeds at different elevations.

Comment by arthur qwenk on November 15, 2016 at 4:29pm

Rollins and Stetson were an unmitigated farce and failure in 2008 and 2011 when "placed online", and are a farce now. They never put the power to the grid appropriately, and the holdup in Orrington was known in 2008. Both projects run in the twenties for capacity factors, and still do not apply their full intermittent  production to the grid when at peak and less than peak capacity.  What has worked effectivley is subsidy graft and enviro damage to the areas involved.

Hannah Pingree on the Maine expedited wind law

Hannah Pingree - Director of Maine's Office of Innovation and the Future

"Once the committee passed the wind energy bill on to the full House and Senate, lawmakers there didn’t even debate it. They passed it unanimously and with no discussion. House Majority Leader Hannah Pingree, a Democrat from North Haven, says legislators probably didn’t know how many turbines would be constructed in Maine."


Maine as Third World Country:

CMP Transmission Rate Skyrockets 19.6% Due to Wind Power


Click here to read how the Maine ratepayer has been sold down the river by the Angus King cabal.

Maine Center For Public Interest Reporting – Three Part Series: A CRITICAL LOOK AT MAINE’S WIND ACT


(excerpts) From Part 1 – On Maine’s Wind Law “Once the committee passed the wind energy bill on to the full House and Senate, lawmakers there didn’t even debate it. They passed it unanimously and with no discussion. House Majority Leader Hannah Pingree, a Democrat from North Haven, says legislators probably didn’t know how many turbines would be constructed in Maine if the law’s goals were met." . – Maine Center for Public Interest Reporting, August 2010 Part 2 – On Wind and Oil Yet using wind energy doesn’t lower dependence on imported foreign oil. That’s because the majority of imported oil in Maine is used for heating and transportation. And switching our dependence from foreign oil to Maine-produced electricity isn’t likely to happen very soon, says Bartlett. “Right now, people can’t switch to electric cars and heating – if they did, we’d be in trouble.” So was one of the fundamental premises of the task force false, or at least misleading?" Part 3 – On Wind-Required New Transmission Lines Finally, the building of enormous, high-voltage transmission lines that the regional electricity system operator says are required to move substantial amounts of wind power to markets south of Maine was never even discussed by the task force – an omission that Mills said will come to haunt the state.“If you try to put 2,500 or 3,000 megawatts in northern or eastern Maine – oh, my god, try to build the transmission!” said Mills. “It’s not just the towers, it’s the lines – that’s when I begin to think that the goal is a little farfetched.”

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