Election Heroes Are Stopping Fraudulent Voting – The US Postal Service Was Involved

Election Heroes Are Stopping Fraudulent Voting – The

US Postal Service Was Involved

By Jim Hoft 

A postal worker in Michigan loads up a ballot drop box with numerous ballots in 2020 (Gateway Pundit footage)

Actually, nobody shows up. Nor does anyone return an absentee ballot.

That magic comes from a wonderful customer service innovation, the ...


Let’s see how it works


Voter rolls are crammed with millions of voters who seldom, occasionally, or never vote.


Democrat-leaning organizations run voter registration drives in edge communities, collecting identities they expect will never vote.


You remember ACORN registering drug addicts on city streets?  You might have said, “Why, they will never vote!”


They aren’t expected to vote.  They are simply voter identity placeholders later used by vote-harvesters.

State-funded groups like ERIC are paid by a dozen state governments, some with clueless Republican RINO governors, to make sure almost nobody is ever taken off voter rolls.  


ERIC provides institutional cover to this national phantom voter scam.


During early voting, our vote-harvester pals track those who never voted, or have not voted yet and vote for them.


In some states, like Wisconsin, leftist groups had access to the online voter rolls — something nobody else had.  They could track every voter, and vote for as many as needed, if they did not show up in 2020.


Remember the stories in 2020 of people coming out to vote, often for the first time in years, to be told, “Sorry, you already voted”?  

Your friendly “Voter Concierge” voted for you!  

Saved you the gas money to drive to the polls!


There are people voting from Salvation Army Food Banks, who registered at that address twelve years ago.  Those people are likely dead or living in a tent in Austin now — but still voting.


There are people at the Alabama college dorm, registered since 1984, still active and voting.

In Wisconsin, the Voter Concierges went to cognitive care facilitie...criminal investigation, this is how it’s done.


So how bad is the problem?


The Wisconsin voter integrity team did a deep dive, using U.S. government and state databases, and found 225,000 active, current REGISTERED voters who had “issues.”  


Those included addresses that did not exist; locations that could not be a true registration address, like a jail; and scores of others.


Elections are often decided by 1% of the vote.  The Wisconsin team identified potential phantom voters easily able to impact an election.


The other half of the scam is sending out absentee ballots to addresses that don’t line up.


For instance, there may be an apartment building at 145 Essex Street.  The ballot-harvesting industry registers people there, deliberately skipping their apartment number.


Their mail gets returned to — you guessed it, smarty-pants!  

Those absentee ballots accumulate at the local US Post Office.


The Wisconsin voter integrity team, one of the best in the country, found evidence that the US Post Office collected those ballots and gave them to the “Voter Concierges” — to vote.  

Pretty good USPS customer service!


You might think this would be caught with signature matching.  Right!  That is why so many states or counties, including Vermont, eliminate the signature match — like Maricopa County in Arizona.


If your blood is boiling right now, you just don’t get it.  This is customer service on a whole new level.  


The “Voter Concierge” gets votes counted – even if the voter never casts that vote.


Voter integrity teams are now applying advanced computer technology to thwart the Voter Concierge by deep-cleaning the rolls.


In 2022, the vote-harvesting industry will again flood swing counties with over 250,000 new registrants from September to November.


Several voter integrity teams, using advanced artificial intelligence technology, can check every registrant, at silicon speed, against over 30 databases, with a billion records, ensuring that the registrant is not living in an R.V. park, a church, or a UPS store, and that his address meets current legal standards, BEFORE ANYONE CASTS A VOTE


Sorry, Beto, but registering every itinerant is no longer the key to the Texas Governor’s Mansion.


For the first time, phantom voters are being identified, before they vote.


Living in an apartment where you do not designate the apartment number?  Sorry, pal — you aren’t voting this year.  

Registering from a church?  There had better be enough bathrooms to meet the certificate of occupancy requirements for that county.


More voters showing up in a county than there are eligible citizens?  Flagged hourly!  Alert issued before the ballots are counted!


As ballots arrive during early voting, artificial intelligence snapshots aggregate voter identities.  


That guy who voted on day 2 in person, disappeared on snapshot 8, reappeared on snapshot 11 with his ballot changed to absentee…is identified.


Before that ballot is tabulated, it is red-flagged, and the voter integrity team files a protest.


Thirty-five thousand inactive voters, changed to active — then voted, then changed to inactive again?  The A.I. systems pick this up with snapshot analysis.  That scam is over!


For the first time, voter integrity teams have technology ballot-harvesters cannot outrun.


When Sheriff Clarke and Mike Lindell started supporting these kinds of technologies, after the 2020 election, the focus was voter roll anomalies.  Anomalies were abundant.


The battlefield has changed to real-time analysis, driven by artificial intelligence.

The combined knowledge of a dozen gifted voter integrity teams, with 16 months of experience, is built into an artificial intelligence engine, identifying phantom voters before they are registered, before they can illegally vote.


Every time a fake vote is cast by a “Voter Concierge”, an honest American voter is disenfranchised.


Artificial intelligence helps the good guys protect the vote and gives confidence to all Americans that their elections are legit.


Voter integrity teams learned that chasing 2020 voter fraud after the election is too late.


Some leading election integrity teams are stopping phantom voter fraud before it impacts elections.


Cleaning up voter rolls just became an A.I.-driven, real time endeavor.


Jay Valentine led the team that built the eBay fraud detection engine and the TSA No-Fly List.  Jay’s website is JayValentine.com.  He can be reached at Jay@ContingencySales.com.


One front of the climate alarmist war on fossil fuels, freedom and prosperity is the effort to force companies to state the financial “risks” the climate “crisis” presents.

This mischief has taken place not in rulemaking at the Environmental Protection Agency, but rather at the Securities and Exchange Commission and in political lawsuits filed by virtue signaling leftist Democrat State Attorneys General (like Janet Mills when she was running for Governor) and green partisan warriors like the Sierra Club, and 350.org.

The SEC rule is up for public comment and eminent scientists William Happer (Princeton) and Richard Lindzen (MIT) filed a doozy.

Titled “Comment and Declaration on the SEC’s Proposed Rule “The Enhancement and Standardization of Climate-Related Disclosures for Investors,”

it is available at Happer-Lindzen-SEC-6-17-22.pdf

This image shows Satellite and Balloon datasets, WHICH ARE NOT MASSAGED, consistency read lower temperature than the average of 102 computer-generated graphs, which are based on SUBJECTIVELY MASSAGED DATA.

The shown data is for a 45-y period

Satellite readings increasing from 0.00 to 0.45 C

Computer graphs increasing from 0.00 to 1.20 C; MORE THAN TWICE AS FAST


If you extend all trends to a 100-y period, the satellite, etc., warming would be less than 40% of the computer warming.




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Hannah Pingree on the Maine expedited wind law

Hannah Pingree - Director of Maine's Office of Innovation and the Future

"Once the committee passed the wind energy bill on to the full House and Senate, lawmakers there didn’t even debate it. They passed it unanimously and with no discussion. House Majority Leader Hannah Pingree, a Democrat from North Haven, says legislators probably didn’t know how many turbines would be constructed in Maine."


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