The shell game methodology behind America's reported wind energy production

America's green industries are currently rigging their way into trillions more from American taxpayers and thousands more dead eagles. They’ve already received over 2 trillion, for a subsidized source of energy that will never come close to fulfilling America's needs. Green energy is not only being subsidized financially with Production Tax Credits, it's reported energy production is also being secretly subsidized with energy that's actually being produced by oil, coal, natural gas, and nuclear generation because part-time green energy doesn't run the grid. It never has.
The 57% electrical wind energy being reported in Iowa, is a complete fabrication because other sources of energy are running the grid 24 hours a day, every day of the year and keep energy flowing to customers. Intermittent wind energy is just part of a much larger electrical system and the calculations or accounting for reported wind energy production, ignore the base load energy being provided by other energy providers.
In Iowa, grid requirements (inside information) needs constant base loads of 3000MW-4500MW. Over a period of a year just this energy generation amounts to 30,000,000 – 40,000,000 MW hours and is likely more. But when the wind starts blowing, wind generation is moved to the front of the line as if there are no other energy sources flowing into the grid.
Base load data, much like this industry’s staggering number of eagle carcasses, is considered a trade secret and is well hidden from the public.  Sadly our DC agencies that have hidden tens of thousands of "green" energy's eagle carcasses, also have no problem lying to the public about wind energy's contribution to the grid.
Wind Farms also consume energy and there are transmission losses from their endless remote locations. None of this is calculated into wind energy numbers.
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  • Dan McKay

    New England Governments have dramatically built out wind and solar and have disastrously scaled back natural gas, hydro,biomass and nuclear, which increases the value and price for the reliable resources and increases the clearinghouse price of electricity. This price is also given to wind and solar, therefore the New England Governments have created a new subsidy for wind and solar. Crimes against humanity.