Dan McKay


Dixfield, ME

United States

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  • Hart Daley

    Hey Dan. How many signatures do we need on the petition to get the ordinance language on the June ballot? And what is the deadline to get those signatures? Take care, Hart

  • Hart Daley


    Excellent letter to the editor in the RFT's yesterday!


  • Lenny Murphy

    Good day Dan! Water power worked fine in Maine 100 years ago! No reason why small and large water power from Maine can on bring 20,000 jobs to our State! No dams needed today just water moving downhill to generator stations! And small water power being developed in all Maine schools, there are streams and rivers near most town in Maine! I have been working with The Dept. of Education for 30 years but they are slow in moving in a positive direction! Water power is the only truly clean power that runs for nothing 24 hours even day!! Taxation without representation when it comes to commercial wind power and they push up the national debt do they not?! Lenny Murphy 207-746-9212 Time to get real solutions within our future projects!