Stunning! Kari Lake Reveals Maricopa Had 99 Signature Validators Who Could Work from Home, Alone, Unsupervised, Behind Closed Doors – At Least 250,000 Ballots in Question (VIDEO)


Kari Lake joined Steve Bannon on The War Room on Monday morning. Kari’s election integrity trial finished up on Friday evening.

The Lake Team had three days in court to discuss their case against the willy-nilly signature evaluation procedures during the 2022 election in Maricopa County, Arizona.

Kari dropped this bomb on The War Room – At least 99 employees could work from home, alone, without supervision analyzing ballot signatures.

Kari Lake: When you do a signature verification, you got to compare signatures.

You can’t do that by just hitting one button.

You have to scroll up.

And they’re not doing that to the tune of more than a quarter of a million of ballots that they just threw in and counted.

Apparently we’ve got the Usain Bolt of signature verifiers sitting there in Maricopa County just speed demoning through it.

And then another interesting thing that we… We use their own evidence to show that they are approving ballots in 0 second.

I mean, it takes a full second to load an image.

It takes a full second and they had people approving these in 2 seconds.

This is crazy.

This is all a show to make the voters in Arizona think that we have really tightly run elections when in fact they are a complete sham.

We found out that 99 people, Steve, were approved to approve signatures behind closed doors, including people like Bill Gates and Stephen Richard.

They could be sitting at home in their underwear approving ballots with no observation.

…So they have this behind the scenes squad with no observers, nobody watching.

And then they sent home the signature verifiers early during the election when during the primary, they were working double shifts trying to get through all of the signature verification during the main election, the general election.

These signature verifiers thought it was really interesting that they were sending them home early when there were literally hundreds of thousands of ballots and mail ballots to go through and yet they were going home early.

And maybe that’s when the back room squad moved in and started doing their pecking on the keyboard. And this is outrageous.

It’s up to the Arizona judge now to determine if we have free, fair, and trustworthy elections or if anything goes as long as Democrats win.

  • Jim Wiegand

    From the food stamp data base.   Arizona voters that voted but didn't vote for Kari Lake

  • Willem Post


    These folks were known by the Election counters not to vote, year after year, so they were voted DEMOCRAT with a fake signature or some other trick

    Kari Lake had no idea the bag of tricks that could be used to prevent her from becoming Governor 

    Had she run as a middle of the road Democrat, she would have won in a landslide

    May be Schumer will have a deathbed confession 

  • Willem Post

    People do not make the connection 

    The killing of land and sea birds, lobsters and other fish, and whales is directly related to widespread election fraud.

    Without that fraud, Dem/ Progs could not win command and control of government to pass their evil, self-serving, climate, environment, economy destroying mandates