Maine Offshore Wind Turbine Precautions Childhood Leukemia

Maine Offshore Wind Turbine Precautions Childhood Leukemia 
Maine appears to be committed to the development of clean energy and the political agenda against climate change.
The Gulf of Maine has a higher quality offshore wind power than most parts of the United States and with that comes wind turbines export electric cables to onshore locations.
The power is measured in hundreds of megawatts and could reach gigawatt levels in the future. 
State regulations and permitting needs to be established prior to the future high voltage lines coming onshore near residential locations.
Precautions are warranted over high voltage lines and childhood leukemia  
Since a study in1979, and many new studies to date have been investigating the association between Extremely Low Frequencies, ELF and Electromagnet Fields, EMF, and childhood leukemia. 
ELF exposure poses a health risk and should be considered to be a “possible” human carcinogen.
In some studies, the exposure to magnetic fields was calculated based on the distance from and characteristics of power lines, whereas in other studies exposures were directly measured inside the children's homes.
Among Electromagnetic Field issues, the relationship between EMF exposure and childhood leukemia has received much attention in the general scientific literature to date. 
According to the WHO, the World Health Organization report, “consistent epidemiological evidence suggests that chronic low-intensity magnetic field [EMF] exposure is associated with an increased risk of childhood leukemia.”
EMF studies published after the WHO Report continues to report an association between childhood leukemia and magnetic field levels greater than approximately 4 mG. The unit of measure for a magnetic field is the gauss (abbreviated as G), with exposure expressed often in milligauss, or mG.
The NAS, National Academy of Sciences, and WHO reported that magnetic fields in residences are typically in the range of 0.1 to 3.0 mG.
According to the WHO Report, if the association between magnetic fields and childhood leukemia is causal, the number of cases worldwide that might be attributable to magnetic field exposure would be up to 2400 cases per year, based on values for the year 2000. 
Childhood leukemia is a comparatively rare disease with a total annual number of new cases estimated to be 49,000 worldwide in 2000 but continues to increase. 
Childhood leukemia represents more than 25 percent of all new childhood cancer cases. age-adjusted rates for new childhood leukemia cases have been rising on average 0.7% each year over 2008–2017.
The WHO report states that “exposure limits based upon epidemiological evidence are not recommended, but some precautionary measures are warranted.”

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Comment by Thinklike A. Mountain on November 30, 2020 at 3:32am

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The interview is on video at the following weblinks:

Hannah Pingree on the Maine expedited wind law

Hannah Pingree - Director of Maine's Office of Innovation and the Future

"Once the committee passed the wind energy bill on to the full House and Senate, lawmakers there didn’t even debate it. They passed it unanimously and with no discussion. House Majority Leader Hannah Pingree, a Democrat from North Haven, says legislators probably didn’t know how many turbines would be constructed in Maine."


Maine as Third World Country:

CMP Transmission Rate Skyrockets 19.6% Due to Wind Power


Click here to read how the Maine ratepayer has been sold down the river by the Angus King cabal.

Maine Center For Public Interest Reporting – Three Part Series: A CRITICAL LOOK AT MAINE’S WIND ACT


(excerpts) From Part 1 – On Maine’s Wind Law “Once the committee passed the wind energy bill on to the full House and Senate, lawmakers there didn’t even debate it. They passed it unanimously and with no discussion. House Majority Leader Hannah Pingree, a Democrat from North Haven, says legislators probably didn’t know how many turbines would be constructed in Maine if the law’s goals were met." . – Maine Center for Public Interest Reporting, August 2010 Part 2 – On Wind and Oil Yet using wind energy doesn’t lower dependence on imported foreign oil. That’s because the majority of imported oil in Maine is used for heating and transportation. And switching our dependence from foreign oil to Maine-produced electricity isn’t likely to happen very soon, says Bartlett. “Right now, people can’t switch to electric cars and heating – if they did, we’d be in trouble.” So was one of the fundamental premises of the task force false, or at least misleading?" Part 3 – On Wind-Required New Transmission Lines Finally, the building of enormous, high-voltage transmission lines that the regional electricity system operator says are required to move substantial amounts of wind power to markets south of Maine was never even discussed by the task force – an omission that Mills said will come to haunt the state.“If you try to put 2,500 or 3,000 megawatts in northern or eastern Maine – oh, my god, try to build the transmission!” said Mills. “It’s not just the towers, it’s the lines – that’s when I begin to think that the goal is a little farfetched.”

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