Do not let these Green Nazi's hide their atrocities - Please circulate

This is an image of an eagle found still alive with a wing cut off from a wind turbine blade. It was sent to me by Ulla Falkdalen.

Many of these eagles live for days before dying. The eagle in the second image was located nearly a month after its outer wing tip was found under a turbine.

I have all the documentation on this.

The world needs to see things like this and not let the profit driven green Nazi's hide their atrocities. If the public had access to this information and the Interior Department were not hiding it, they would see images of over 2000 chopped up eagles like these every year. For all other raptors, the numbers are several hundred thousand. 

For their slaughter, taxpayers are rewarding these bastards billions in Production Tax Credits annually .

Freezer image from the Interior Department's Denver Eagle repository.  The primary source for all  these eagle carcasses ...........................Wind farms.

  • Willem Post

    Wall Street and Warren Buffett LOVE their wind turbines, because they make them tens of $billions every year, while they BOUGHT permission from Obama to kill the American Eagle. He just bought a $15 million mansion on Martha’s Vineyard with money from rigged/political buyback book deals.

    Of course, Obama thinks killing eagles is less important than expensive wind turbines that produce heavily subsidized variable, intermittent electricity at 2 times the price of NE wholesale grid prices.

    That electricity could not even exist on the grid without other generators doing the babysitting, i.e., provide peaking, filling in, and balancing services 24/7/365, which does not come for free.

    The more wind and solar, the more such services.

    But what happens when there is a wind and solar lull for 4 to 6 days as happens, at random, several times per year.

    Wind and solar electricity would be near zero.

    All the other generators would have to be able to serve almost the ENTIRE DEMAND.

    So you cannot retire these generators, ever.

    They have to be kept in good repair, staffed and fueled, ready to go when such lulls occur.

    That is not for free in Germany and certainly will not be in New England.