Monique Aniel Thurston


Oquossoc, ME

United States

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  • Lenny Murphy

    Good day, Monique, and to all! I just sent a email to Gary S. in Lincoln with information that should stop the take-over of the hill and mountain tops in Maine by industrial wind generators! When First Wind applied to have Bowers put back on-line they stated that the wind law allows clean feasible energy to be forced down the state departments, and our, throats!! Now that we know they are not cost effective and definitely not green we can use the law to protect us from non green projects! It cost more in different fuels and electric use, and increased prices, then it will generate in its 20 life span! And there is the environment cost as well to consider, when the cement for the base for the generators is processed the pollution involved is staggering and if you add in the cost to get it to the site, etc., then a true picture of all the cost can be slowly identified!! I hope someone has started a list of all of the true cost associated with the wind generators complete life cycle to show a net loss, and also how many good jobs lost because the Federal Gov. is funding the wind generators companies that could instant fund more needed projects like making new housing for people when there is a natural disaster!! Truly yours, Lenny Murphy  phone no. 207-746-9212

  • Donna Amrita Davidge

  • Kathy Sherman

    Monique, are you still involved? I tried to call you about Dora, but ... So does Maine vote for Attorney General? You have a Public Advocate, something the lower three states does not. Ineffective.